Our Brand

We are TennysonRed, an athleisure brand combining a love of fitness and fashion to create a unique range of activewear headbands, empowering you to be active and be inspired in the gym, in the yoga studio and beyond.

Love them, wear them, wash them, then repeat. Our products utilize the latest in innovative fabric technology to keep you fresh and comfortable during your favorite sweat session, engineered from 100% locally sourced fibers and handcrafted with heart right here in the US.

Our belief is that true self-love begins with the details. We weave care into every element of our products – from our meticulously created prints, to our thoughtful packaging, right down to the finer features.

Specifically designed to be more than just an accessory, flip over your TennysonRed headband to find one of our favorite motivational quotes sewn into the underside. It’s our own little way to help you to become the best version of you - because we believe there is no one better.

Be Active - Be Inspired with TennysonRed.